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from 1922-1991

I remember when I was a young girl I had a globe...of the world. It had Russia and 14 other countries lumped under one name>>> USSR. Strange but that doesnt seem that long ago. I wonder if globes and maps of the sort are worth anything to any crazy people that may be collecting that sort of thing. I wish I still had that globe....or any map of the world for that matter. I dont even know where Trinidad is. Yay Communists!

Think to yourself,
What is the message I would like to convey.....
the image I would like to portray?

This is that fresh feeling!
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I still have a globe like that. It has a couple of other politically obsolete names on it, like Peking, China, instead of Bejing. I remember back during the Persian Gulf War when I was about six, someone pointed out to me where Iraq was...and if not for that, I might still not be able to identify it on a map. I used to play a game where I would spin the globe really fast and stop it with my finger, and whereever my finger landed, I'd say that I was going to take a vacation there. It always landed on places like Afghanistan and Zaire...not the most popular vacation spots.