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Music as spiritual income.

meandering through the corners of this life and back again

6 May
i dont know what to say about myself, i am all too modest for this sort of thing. check out my page on purevolume.com, under artists look up kathryn baldwin. music is wonderful, nature is the truly the most absolute real entity on this planet and we are part of it. sometimes we forget this simple fact. the only way we can go on living and allow other species to live among us is if we go back to the forests, the jungles, the deserts, the beaches and live as our ancestors lived for thousands of years. this is possible. i know this because we were once there. we once inhabited this earth in a way that agreed with the laws of nature. Look to the other species on the planet and see how they do it. we can too. its not to late to save every thing! this means other inhabitants of this earth, the earth itself, and surprisingly us! because we are not invincible or surpreme nor will we live forever if things keep going the way they are. We are smart to have been able to create everything civilized life has granted us with but we are not smart enough to know the simple answers. the most important being how to live. We lack this very fundamental knowledge. Look to all other species on this planet and through them, we will find out.

i love chocolate!!!!!!!


Marriage is love.

ishmael is love
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lifting weights are love
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super furry animals are love
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Hooray for ice cube trays!

People are fast.

Furniture is slow.

Keith is love

Beth`s music is love

friends are love

Kitty`s are love

Meet me at the edge of the world

more Moonie love

Earth will become Saturn II, were drawing...

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