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she changes everything she touches. everything she touches changes.

So as some of you may have realized (at least those of you who have a myspace), I decided to delete my account. I dont think it will be permanent. It was just a something that needed to be done at the time and I did it in a haste because I am an impatient person. So I will still be here because this place doesnt take up as much of my time. myspace was a distraction and an obvious procrastination tool for me. But now to me it seems hypocritical because I am typing this message on lj which is taking up my time and could potentially be looked at as a method of distraction as well. Also, I do not know how sane I am right now so changes need to be made in my life. I shall continue to do strange things as a feeble (or hopefully successful) attempt to better my life. So I will end this message.


"slip inside the eye of your mind dont you know you might find a better place to play."

"her soul slides away but dont look back in anger"
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