kathryn (fairygirl345) wrote,


I got a job offer as an Diet Tech at Tempe St. Lukes hospital. That`s the good news. The depressing news is that my family is being so negative about it saying that it`s such a menial position and it has very little to do with nutrition and that it`s so far to drive is it worth it. I wish they would be a little more supportive and congratulatory because I tend to be influenced by what my family and friends think and if they are negative about it it will give me second thoughts about it. Now I am having doubts because of them. i came home from the interview all excited and now I am sitting here fretting over if I really should work there. I mean it totally is an entry level position but it will give me that much more experience and help me get an internship better. I know it is far away and that I will be taking a slight pay cut from my current job at Dillards but it will be good a good experience and sometimes you have to make sacrifices and take risks in life in order to obtain what you want. Plus my professors talk like a position such as a Diet Tech will be very resume and career building. I dont understand why my family is always so negative. I am going to cry. I dont know what to do now. I depend on them for advice but I am so pissed right now.
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