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I love my job!

Not at Dillard`s but my tutoring job at school. I tutor biochemistry and during the times I do not have students I get to study and do stuff like this. Everyone is so nice here also..even my superiors who do not make me cringe out of fear everytime they walk into the room because I do not get the feeling like I am being watched like at my other job. It seems like at my other job there is always something I am going wrong and hey, maybe I am a smidgen lazy because I know the routine but it`s not healthy to be afraid of your superiors. But them again that is part of my personality....submissive and timid. I know, it`s sad I even have a job where I am afraid of my manager but she`s a crazy beast! I am talking about my manager at Dillards.

blah balah blahhhala!

things to do:

-finish and submit my song onto Pop music combo class Blackboard
-finish filling out ASU polytech general scholarship
-NTR 444 medical terminology worksheet
-NTR 348 study
-apply for ADA membership
-finalize essay paper topics for EXW 300 and NTR 348
-make writing center appointments for said essay papers
-leave the freakin library
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