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Music as spiritual income.

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Friday, August 26th, 2011
9:08 pm - I'm back!
I'm not sure how many of you remember me or how many of you I remember but let's think that not all hope is lost.

It's been over three years since I've written any sort of scribble of my existence in livejournal. I have to admit it's kinda nice to be back!

Hola everyone!

Time to go practice my Spanish and shave my legs! Fun and exciting on this Friday night!

Bye for now. Hasta la vista meine liebe!

current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
6:47 am - Raised by the sword
I find I disturb myself with my behaviors.

How can I have an official boyfriend for a week now and already have thoughts about breaking up with him?

Honestly, it's bad but I'm already looking for methods. Ha!

I think I'm designed to be independent and solo.

I think I'll be one of those old, crazy, lonely cat ladies in a few years. And the thing is when I think about it I don't get depressed.

Yesterday I turned 26.

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Sunday, April 27th, 2008
12:54 pm - I don't know what I am doing.
I think I need to evaluate my priorities in life.

All I want is for Michael to be healthy again. It's scary not knowing the end results.

I'm full of remorse right now. It comes with the territory of what I got myself into last night.

No more of that!

I'm not much of a writer.

Oh well a good show is happening tonight! Man man!

current mood: confused

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
5:23 pm - I have made an entry now and it's 2008!
Okay cool. Update.

So I graduated.
I work at University of Phoenix
Bought a new corolla
moved to Phoenix
Am trying to learn fencing.
Have visited the UK, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands since I've been on LJ.

Am going to have an awesome weekend..
and am going to shake this cold.

Time to go to Fry's to get some OJ, tea, and ibuprofen.
then to return my guitar
then to buy a game for my team builder tomorrow.
then to fencing for a bit.

How has everyone been?

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Monday, October 2nd, 2006
2:19 pm

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
1:37 pm - she changes everything she touches. everything she touches changes.
So as some of you may have realized (at least those of you who have a myspace), I decided to delete my account. I dont think it will be permanent. It was just a something that needed to be done at the time and I did it in a haste because I am an impatient person. So I will still be here because this place doesnt take up as much of my time. myspace was a distraction and an obvious procrastination tool for me. But now to me it seems hypocritical because I am typing this message on lj which is taking up my time and could potentially be looked at as a method of distraction as well. Also, I do not know how sane I am right now so changes need to be made in my life. I shall continue to do strange things as a feeble (or hopefully successful) attempt to better my life. So I will end this message.


"slip inside the eye of your mind dont you know you might find a better place to play."

"her soul slides away but dont look back in anger"

current mood: blank

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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
10:46 am - .......
I got a job offer as an Diet Tech at Tempe St. Lukes hospital. That`s the good news. The depressing news is that my family is being so negative about it saying that it`s such a menial position and it has very little to do with nutrition and that it`s so far to drive is it worth it. I wish they would be a little more supportive and congratulatory because I tend to be influenced by what my family and friends think and if they are negative about it it will give me second thoughts about it. Now I am having doubts because of them. i came home from the interview all excited and now I am sitting here fretting over if I really should work there. I mean it totally is an entry level position but it will give me that much more experience and help me get an internship better. I know it is far away and that I will be taking a slight pay cut from my current job at Dillards but it will be good a good experience and sometimes you have to make sacrifices and take risks in life in order to obtain what you want. Plus my professors talk like a position such as a Diet Tech will be very resume and career building. I dont understand why my family is always so negative. I am going to cry. I dont know what to do now. I depend on them for advice but I am so pissed right now.

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Sunday, February 26th, 2006
4:58 pm - from 1922-1991
I remember when I was a young girl I had a globe...of the world. It had Russia and 14 other countries lumped under one name>>> USSR. Strange but that doesnt seem that long ago. I wonder if globes and maps of the sort are worth anything to any crazy people that may be collecting that sort of thing. I wish I still had that globe....or any map of the world for that matter. I dont even know where Trinidad is. Yay Communists!

Think to yourself,
What is the message I would like to convey.....
the image I would like to portray?

This is that fresh feeling!

current mood: fresh!

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
10:26 am - Tell me your game cause it`s very inane.
-I want to explore more about the Chinese based religion Taoism.
-I want to learn the language of music.
-I want to experience the deepest feeling of love.
-I want to talk, learn, view.
-I can grow with time and patience.

My head is preganant. Split it open and give birth to knowledge for all.

armed guards in the street.

i love writing.

i can see my past and envision the future.

pass another vodka dear. :)

current mood: artistic

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12:15 am
my honey bought me flowers!

and i love him!

current mood: chipper

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12:09 am - That`s what I thought........
You scored as Communism. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>


















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
2:32 pm
no no no no no no!

i`m going to go crazy. wanna come with?

brain needs break.

current mood: bitchy

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Sunday, February 12th, 2006
3:56 pm
Songs of love and food and trees.

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1:58 pm
Hello sunshine. Come into my life.

current mood: hopeful

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Saturday, February 11th, 2006
10:26 am - move you, buy and sell you
missing someone.

I had a dream about Michael last night. Seems I cant get him out of my mind even though he is gone. I dunno.

Then there`s Andrew, who I do like but I know I am not over Michael and therefore have a hard time allowing myself to enjoy this wonderful guy that is here. I dunno.

All I can say is for certain is rocks are slow life.

current mood: pensive

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
8:12 pm - I love my job!
Not at Dillard`s but my tutoring job at school. I tutor biochemistry and during the times I do not have students I get to study and do stuff like this. Everyone is so nice here also..even my superiors who do not make me cringe out of fear everytime they walk into the room because I do not get the feeling like I am being watched like at my other job. It seems like at my other job there is always something I am going wrong and hey, maybe I am a smidgen lazy because I know the routine but it`s not healthy to be afraid of your superiors. But them again that is part of my personality....submissive and timid. I know, it`s sad I even have a job where I am afraid of my manager but she`s a crazy beast! I am talking about my manager at Dillards.

blah balah blahhhala!

things to do:

-finish and submit my song onto Pop music combo class Blackboard
-finish filling out ASU polytech general scholarship
-NTR 444 medical terminology worksheet
-NTR 348 study
-apply for ADA membership
-finalize essay paper topics for EXW 300 and NTR 348
-make writing center appointments for said essay papers
-leave the freakin library

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
6:12 pm - do you think I am asking too much?
Kick boxing in fifteen. Time to hit things in a socially acceptable domain.

What do you do when you are trying to write out the chords to one of your originals and chordfind.com tells you that your chords are not real....there is no name for them? Can I just make up a name....this is the "voyeuristic chord," this is the "drunken stupor chord."

You girlzzz up for a "girls only" super bowl party?

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
11:03 am - It could be you.............
So this is starting to sink in. That the first person I can truly say I ever fell in love with is gone. I hope I do see him again. Now I am left wondering what my next move should be. I feel tempted to shift to a solid state of abulia concerning guys. Something that in my life I have never undertaken. Yet actions will speak louder than words.

I need a Parklife. :)

I swear the Blur song I am listening to is about my brother.

current mood: busy

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
5:30 pm
Hi ya`ll! How are things! Tell me what you`ve been up to. I havent been on here in a long, long time!


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Sunday, November 6th, 2005
7:19 pm - mm i want fatty mexican food.
Cellulose is the most abundant organic substance on earth. beta (1,4) linkages. unbranched.

Oligosaccharides: small polymers most often found attatched to polypeptides in glycoproteins and some glycolipids. two braod classes of oligosaccharides are N-lined and O-linked. N-linked oligosaccharides are attached to polypeptidesby an n-glycosidic bond with the side chain amide group of the amino acid aparagine.
o-linked oligosaccharides are attached to polypeptides by the side chain hydroxyl group of the amino acids serine and threonine.

starch- amylose (alpha 1,4), amylopectin (alpha 1,4)(alpha 1,6 occuring every 20-25 glucose resihues)
glycogen-(alpha 1,4)(alpha 1,6 occuring every 4 residues to every 8-12 on the outer area)

contain more than one monosaccharide.

bacterial cell walls have heteropolysaccharides as components: alternating chains of NAG and NAM.

Important one: glycosaminoglycan (GAG): principal component of proteoglycan( high carb content)
Linear polymers with dissacharide repeating units. a GAG is condroitin sulfate, a component of cartilage.

murein- also referred to as peptidoglycan composed of NAG, NAM

Glycoconjugates: compounds that result from covalent linkages of carbohydrate molecules to both protiens and lipids. these substances have profound effects on the function of individual cells, as well as the cell-cell interactions of multicellualar organisms.

Proteoglycans- high carb content. all contain GAG chains linked to protein molecules by n and o glycosidic links.

glycoproteins- defined as proteins that are covalently linked to carbohydrate through n or o linkages. Antibodies are glycoproteins. the carb partof the antibody plays a part in the antigen joining with the antibody. Human blood groups depend on the oligosaccharide part of the glycoprotien. the terminal monosaccharide of the glycoprotein of the NONreducing end determines the blood type.
aldehyde+ alcohol= hemiacetal
hemiacetal + alchohol = acetal =+ h2o

ketone + alcohol= hemiketal
heniketal + alcohol= ketal +h20

current mood: mellow

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